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More sexpertise #9

Knowledge is the highway to sexual health. That’s why we use all possible means to share our sexpertise, including interventions, publications, websites, training sessions, campaigns and press briefings. More and more youngsters, healthcare and education professionals and policy makers at home and abroad, reach the destination.

This suitcase will keep you safe

“Contraception suitcase”

Choice in contraceptive methods gives birth to well-being. The more different methods for safe sex are available, the more preferences are met, the more people protect themselves. To be able to choose, you need proper information from teachers, public health workers and GPs. Our revamped “contraception suitcase” helps them out. In addition to information resources, it contains examples of all available methods of protection. From condoms to injectable contraceptives. This suitcase keeps you safe in bed.

Content contraception suitcase (credits: Noor Bloem)

An old flame

Manifesto intimacy and sexuality in care homes for the elderly

Sexuality doesn’t have a retirement age. However, intimacy is almost impossible to achieve for elderly people in Dutch care homes. Residents are separated from their partner, are given a single bed, and have hardly any privacy. Physical contact is an integral part of decent care. Together with representatives from elderly care, education for healthcare professions, and academia, we call on politicians to increase and protect the space for this.

Elderly man hugs a woman

Between Dutch sheets

Key figures on sexual health in the Netherlands

How does the Netherlands fare, from a sexual point of view? In partnership with Statistics Netherlands, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, and STI AIDS Netherlands, we annually publish the key figures on sexual behaviour in the Netherlands. The research shows how often people have had sex last year and with how many partners, and if they protect themselves. One of the findings is that one in six women aged 17-50 is at risk for unplanned pregnancy.

Choosing development

White paper Reproductive freedom of choice

Sometimes less is more. In developing countries, a very large number of people have a very large number of children. This is often not their own wish but a result of cultural or religious pressure and/or a lack of sexuality education and contraceptives. Population growth makes education, healthcare and employment even scarcer, and as a result a country can’t make progress. We make the case for freedom of choice as a cure for poverty. A special white paper offers arguments and background information.

Indonesian woman with children (credits: Jeroen van Loon)

World leaders on board

Sustainable development

Possibly – hopefully – our annual report for 2030 will be a lot shorter. World leaders put their signature to the global Sustainable Development Goals. In doing so, they promise to make an effort towards achieving equal rights for men and women, universal access to sexual and reproductive healthcare, and rights concerning childbearing. Together with the Dutch government and international partners, we have made the case for this during the negotiations. Our current global goal: compliance with the global goals.

Crowded street in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Sexpertise in the media

Questions most frequently asked by journalists:

Paternity leave » 17x

For example: ‘Are provisions for paternity leave in the Netherlands really that poor compared to other countries?’


Sexual violence » 16x

For example: ‘What are the most recent figures for unwanted sex among young people? Can they be broken down by gender, age and level of severity?’


Sexting among young people » 8

For example: ‘How can teachers best deal with setting boundaries and sexting in the classroom?’

Striking headlines:

Undressed, dressed. How prudish are the Dutch?

Quest, 31 March 2015 – on young people and prudishness


En Holanda la educación sexual comienza en la guardería: Esto es lo que les dicen y porqué!

Translation: Dutch sexuality education starts in nursery school: This is what they tell and why!

El Ciudadano (Chili), 23 juni 2015


There’s still no contraceptive pill for men. And that’s not men’s fault

De Correspondent, 12 August 2015


In the bedroom too you’re never too old to learn

Het Parool, 3 November 2015 – referring to the manifesto regarding intimacy and sexuality in elderly care


A penis is private, just like someone’s breasts and buttocks

Trouw, 27 November 2015 – on sexuality education in (secondary) special needs education

Sexpertise in figures

Most frequently ordered products in our Dutch webshop:

  1. Puberty guide: what you as a boy want to know about puberty » 13,116x
  2. Puberty guide: what you as a girl want to know about puberty » 11,815x
  3. Sexual development of children aged 0-18 » 3,783x
Cover of the Dutch brochure “Sexual development of children aged 0-18”

Most frequently downloaded products:

  1. How does a baby get into your tummy? » 1,182x
  2. Sexual development of children aged 0-18 » 735x
  3. Sexual upbringing of children with disabilities aged 0-18 » 556x


Most frequently booked training packages:

  1. Girls’ Talk
  2. Make a Move
  3. Girls’ Talk+
  4. Paying attention to sexuality in practices of midwives.


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